The work with figurative images does not necessarily mean to figurate reality; it rather means to convert situations, states, sensations, through painting.
My interest is focused upon a message which, on one hand, wants to iconify the present, in a figurative sense, at the same time considering that painting generates sensorial images but from a semiotic perspective, it means the existence of something different, of a mental construction.
The purpose of my art is a certain re-contextualization of images in order to convert the primary meaning of an image taken from the reality, but which gains new meanings when I start to work on it both at retinal and conceptual level.
I am interested in space as social organization, which means everything concerning the urban, public, and outside area, represented in antithesis with the intimate space of the home seen as a family, pleasant, loving, ideal place.
My projects describe in a subjective way the perspective dissolution of the present urban reality by parallely mounting pictured fragments of the intimate space.
My ideas are focused according to the experiences, positive or negative, and I try to capture the viewer’s attention in an affective area charged with a positive energy.
I am not necessarily interested into man as a physical presence; I rather focus upon certain senses, a state or an imaginary feeling.
I flirt with intimate areas, private de-contextualized images, hidden vices, dreams mixed with reality.
A pop attitude mingled with the cultural particularity of the region I live in, guide my visual thought towards a synthesis of the present.

Claudiu Ciobanu